Taiwanese, the Most Amazing Landscapes. Happy Mother Day! 2016/05/05 Khopang have worked with various scopes of industry and helped them build modular panel rooms. We are their best reliable work partner. Because of these hard-working people, we can enjoy our convenient life. Thank you for your effort.
Amazing! Second-Hand Modular Panels Constructions. 2016/03/21 The feature of modular panel is demountable and reusable. Khopang can dismantle and install the internal modular panels on site. In this way, the modular panel can re-obtain its value and also reduce the environmental load. The customers can also gain the feedback of money.
Dripping workplace, how to prevent collapse and rust ? 2015/03/12 Panel face skin of stainless steel can be your good partner.
How to move in big machine with personnel entrance? 2015/01/15 The personnel entrance of interior compartment is usually not large enough to move in a big-sized object, like machine. How to solve this problem?

Build of Factory Plant: Khopang , the Coordinator of Various Contractors. 2014/12/30 Well coordinating various contractors is the key factor to construct interior compartment of factory plant. The contractors are of interior compartment, mud, Epoxy floor, electric, air conditioning, and firefighting.
Large Cold & Frozen Storage:Physical Marathon 2014/12/20 Large cold & frozen storage is usually with ultra-height. The construction of cold room, using scissor lift, is not only the challenge of engineers’ skills but also of their physical strength.
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