Service Process


On-site VisitTo establish the correct modular room solution for you, and prior to any construction, Khopang will conduct informed discussions with you; which includes a site visit by our Project Engineers, if required. Sketch DesignYour modular rooms is then designed to the agreed specification which has been established from these discussions. QuotationSubmit related quotation after discussions.Official ContractAfter you have approved the drawings, then proceed the official contract.

Construction Drawing ConfirmationAfter you have approved the drawings, the modular room construction can begin. Material ManufacturingThe panels are with observance of government regulation and CNS provisions.

Required material on-siteThe modular panels are delivered flat packed ready for assembly on-site. Construction SettingOur trained and experienced engineers are equipped with professional measuring equipment in which can assure correct construction. Construction ProgrammedFor the modular room installation, our trained and experienced Project Engineers will attend site with an agreed installation programmed for your modular room solution, which will accommodate your needs to assure negligible disruption is caused. We can do construction progress management and quality management.

Construction CompletionFollowing installation, Khopang will go through a completion report making sure you are entirely satisfied with the modular room installation. Request for paymentAfter you have viewed the completion report, we will submit the request for payment. WarrantyChoosing Khopang modular cleanroom solutions allows you the benefit of increasing the size of your modular rooms retrospectively to meet customer demand.Due to the robust design and engineering we offer one year guarantee on our cleanrooms so your cleanroom will remain a stable and valued addition to your company.