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Modular Panels General Information What is Modular Panels ? Key Feature The Importance and Application Timing of Modular Panels Application of Modular Panels Technology specification Success Story Cleanroom General Information What is cleanroom? Key feature Cleanroom Classification Table Cleanroom Application Cleanroom Flow Type Technical Specification Panels Doors Windows Ceiling Equipment and Consumables Success Story Second-Hand Modular Panels General Information CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility Dismantle and Installation Dismantle and Installation Cleanroom Equipment and Consumables Cleanroom Equipment 1. Clean Stocker 2. Clean hand washer and dryer 3. Relief Damper 4. Air Shower 5. Pass Box 6. Clean Booth 7. Clean Bench 8. FFU (Fan Filter Unit) Cleanroom Consumables Clothing & Accessories Disinfection & Cleaning Cleanroom Furniture Stationery
Cold & Frozen Storage General Information What is Cold & Frozen Storage? Key Feature Application Technical Specification Panel Specification Doors Windows Ceiling Accessory for Cold & Frozen Storage Success Story Frozen Doors & Modular Panel Doors Cold & Frozen Storage Doors Swing Type Sliding Type Modular Panel Doors Swing Type Sliding Type Accessory for Cold & Frozen Storage Cold & Frozen Storage Accessory 1. Explosion-proof Lamp 2. Temperature Gage 3. Explosion-proof Pressure Value 4. Anti-conductive handle 5. Security Putter 6. Power Socket 7. Light Switch 8. Escape Door Buckle 9. Automatic Return Bearing 9. Loose Leaf Bearing Shaft 10. Security Door Lock 11. Slop Pedal 12. Floor Base