What is Modular Panels ?

What is Modular Panels ?

What is Modular Panels?

Our modular panel system is very simple constructed and is composed of three main components, which is called sandwich panels.

  • An aluminum or steel internal frame that gives to the modular panel’s strength, and thanks also to the joint profile simplifies the installation.
  • An internal core can be made from materials including polyurethane, mineral Rockwool or paper honeycomb.
  • An external face that can be made using different materials such as galvanized steelplate and stainless steel. 

Modular Panles

Application of Modular Panels:


  1.  Cleanroom: Biotechnology, Industrial Cleanroom, Factory Compartment
  2. Factory: Food Process, Pharmaceutical, Electronic, Machinery, Metal Process
  3. Office: Office, Classroom, Meeting Room, Staff Room