Three Elements Constitute A Prefer Antistatic Laboratory

Three Elements Constitute A Prefer Antistatic Laboratory

Electrostatic discharge prevention, the most important work for scopes of electronic, accurate industry, and so on, is Khopang’s expertise field.

Three elements constitute a prefer laboratory.


Element One: Antistatic modular panels

The panel skin will be covered with blue film. In this way, it is eay to tell which side is antistatic and also can provide good prevention before using.


Element Two: Conductive floor


Element Three: Equipment for cleanroom

Antistatic PVC Curtain

The antistatic PVC curtain and tunnel entrance can prevent electrostatic on human body.


FFU, Fan Filter Unit

FFU can clean air in the cleanroom and provide excellent workplace.


Relief Damper

Relief Damper can adjust the positive and negative pressure and prevent the polluted particles.


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